4 Weekends Workshop

Key Information

Duration: 4 Weekends, 2 days per session

Sat-sun, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Teaching Methods: Hands-on and small group learning

Requirements: 16 years old & above, no prior baking experience required.


Chocolatier Workshop

Start of class: 20th June 2020

Chocolatier Workshop Syllabus

Session 1
  • Enrobing:
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle

    Hazelnut Truffle


    Coriander Praline

    Hazelnut Praline

  • Marshmallows:
  • Raspberry

    Lime Vanilla

  • Others:
  • Basic Chocolate bars with nuts

Session 2

    Orange ganache

    Coffee ganache


    Mango ganache

    Mint ganache

  • Small bites:
  • Mandiant

    Milk rocher

    Dark rocher

  • Spread & jam:
  • Chocolate spread

    Raspberry mango

Session 3
  • Enrobing:
  • Berry cinnamon

    Banana praline

    Hazelnut orange

    Calamansi ganache

    Strawberry peanut

  • Pate de fruit:
  • Pear calamansi


  • Panning:
  • 1 type (seasonal)

Session 4

    Caramel seasalt

    Tete swiss

    Coconut bar

    Gourmet bar

  • Moulded bon bon:
  • Exotic caramel


    Rum ganache

  • Nougat:
  • Chocolate nougat

  • Fudges:
  • Chocolate fudge


Professional Bakery

Start of class: 23rd May 2020

Professional Bakery Syllabus

Session 1

    Faugasse Olive

    Ciabata Sun Dried Tomatoes - Poolish

    Dinner Rolls/Sausage roll

    Pullman Loaf

    Pain au Lait

    Whole Wheat

    Lime Vanilla


Session 2

    Raspberry croissant

    Matcha croissant

    Pain au raisin


    Almond croissant

    Nut & fruit danish


    Pain au chocolate

Session 3

    Spring Onions

    Melon Bread

    Taiwan Polo Bun

    Chicken floss

    Red Bean Bun

    Japanese Tuna Bun

    Corn Bun

    Mango Cheese

    Local breads

Session 4

    Sour Dough Baguette

    Pan Levain

    Pain Champagne

    Curry Baguette

    Sourdough Pizza

    Roasted Apple Walnut

    Roasted Potato Levain

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