Full Time in Pastry & Bakery Arts

Start of class: 

    YEAR 2021
10 months Advanced Diploma Program is a hands-on course suitable for total beginners.

We teach our students the basic skills in Pastry & Bakery Arts.

It is categorized into different sets of modules that will justify the level of training provided to the students.

The program is carefully designed to ensure that the student gradually moves from basic to the most advance level of training.

Key Information

Duration: 9 months plus 1 month International training in Malaysia

Mon-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, 3 weeks of theory & 40 weeks of hands-on kitchen learning

Teaching Methods: Hands-on and small group learning

Certification: City & Guilds, UK

Requirements: 16 years old & above, High school graduate, No prior baking experience required.

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