3 to 4 days workshop, Master Class 

    Our 3 to 4 days Master classes are for Hotel Professionals, Pastry Shop Owners, Pastry Instructors and Pastry Enthusiasts. It will be a combination of hands-on and demonstration. The participants will have an opportunity to create recipe under the supervision of the experts. The Master chefs will share the tricks of the trade, valuable tips, new technology and concepts that will allow them to expand their knowledge and skills.
    In Châteaurenard, between Saint-Rémy de Provence and Avignon, lies a true creator of sweets: Frédéric Hawecker, Best Chocolatier Confectioner Chef of France (MOF). In the heart of a century-old pastry shop that was taken over by his brother Guillaume (2002), the chocolate and confectionery maker creates original, balanced and tasty delicacies that cannot be ignored. In 2019, they were awarded the “EPV” label (living heritage company).Known for his ability to surprise with taste and texture, he passes on his know-how and experience as a Chocolate and Confectionery Consultant and Trainer.
    Chef Arnaud is one of France’s most reputable pâtissiers. Having been born to a family of pastry chefs, his training and love for the craft led him in 2000 to get the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in the mode of pâtisserie Confiserie. For more than 10 years of his career, he served Christian Lacoste in Toulusse until finally becoming one of the most recognizable pastry faces of the mythical Yves Thuries, his sugar museum, and his historical magazine. It is precisely during this stage in which he refines and amplifies his skill with artistic sugar.