Philippine Pastry Forum - Master Class Series

Professional Workshop featuring 9 classes in advanced pastry making techniques taught by World Renowned Chefs, Executive Pastry Chefs, MOFs & World Pastry Champion. This will be a fantastic opportunity to ensure that you will get the best workshop suiting your own preference at affordable prices.

Upcoming Classes

Sebastien Chevallier - Artisan Breads, Sour Dough & Viennoiserie

Artisan Breads, Sour Dough & Viennoiserie
19th to 22nd July 2019 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Php 50,000
Sebastien Chevallier
MOF Baker
He watched his mother bake—who was a baker then—and fell in love with the art. Every knead filled his heart, and he was spurred, inspired by his mother to take on baking as a profession. At a tender age of 15, Chef Chevallier began his first entourage as an apprentice for a local bakery, Deschamp (named after the owner). There, he picked up the basics and left for another bakery two years later. Four years in the next bakery, Chef Chevalier knew he had to hone his skills further. He signed up for several National contests in France, and was awarded Vice Champion de France de Boulangerie in 2009, and took down second in his first European Championship as Vice Champion d’Europe de Boulangerie. This spurred him on to join more competitions when he finally won the European Championship in 2010, emerging as Champion d’Europe de Boulangerie. And in the short span of a year, he attained the title of MOF.

Joaquin Soriano - Nouvelle French Pastries

Nouvelle French Pastries
2nd to 4th August 2019 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Php 50,000
Joaquin Soriano
Head Chef/Co founder - CJSJ
Chef Joaquin has many years of experience in the Michelin restaurant, accepting the training of the orthodox French West Point. The strength and infinite creativity of the company have been completely changed every two months since its establishment. It’s a long time to meet CJSJ.
Past Classes
Chocolate, Praline, Candy Making & Bean to Bar
Conducted by MOF Chef Frederic Hawecker
1st to 4th April 2019
Modern French Pastries
Conducted by Chef Eric Perez
29th to 31st March 2019
French Pastries & Cakes
Conducted by MOF Chef Jean Francois Arnaud
11th to 13th February 2019